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If you are looking for high quality, innovative indirect lighting solutions, Ross Brothers is a Southeast Florida lighting contractor that provides a huge assortment of lighting products and world class installation services. We can be reached at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County. Indirect lighting can be used to highlight your fine hanging artwork and other objects of art. Indirect lighting is usually reflected from your walls or ceilings. With this type of lighting, the luminaires are usually either suspended from the ceiling or mounted to a wall similar to sconce lighting. The light is then distributed mainly upwards where it is reflected from the ceiling or the walls.

Indirect lighting has several characteristics that make it perfect for certain applications. Some of the advantages of using indirect lighting are:

  • It allows for a soft, environment that is suitable for concentrated work including painting or drawing.
  • Reflective glare is reduced or eliminated on computer monitors meaning less eye strain
  • Creates excellent “mood” lighting
  • It can be easily installed with a minimum of disruption to ceilings and walls.

Ross Brothers provides interior lighting products and installation services throughout the Southeast Florida region. Our electrical contractors are lighting experts and are licensed and insured. We can also assist you with lighting design and décor. Call us today at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County for more information and a free estimate.

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Ross Brothers electrical contractors are lighting installation professionals that have had years of experience on the job. Our lighting specialists are supervised by and work closely with our general contractor. With over 27 years of contracting experience, he insists on the highest standards of conduct and work ethic from all of our technicians. Our lighting designers are known for providing creativity and innovation in every lighting project that they engage in. We provide in home consultations and free estimates.

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Indirect lighting plays an important role in many Broward and Palm Beach County home lighting plans. If you are seeking indirect lighting and want to set your home apart from the others, our certified lighting designers are sure to deliver. Let Ross Brothers provide you with complete lighting solutions for your home. Our quality is top-notch, our customer service is world class and our prices are extremely competitive. For a free estimate and more details, we can be reached at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.